Bodyguard Auctioning Jose Canseco Collectibles Including 40/40 Bat! [PHOTOS]

$80,000?! Does Jose Canseco‘s former bodyguard John Carlson honestly think he can get $80k for a few pieces of Canseco memorabilia? There are two separate eBay listings, each going for $40k. The first package is a collection of game used cleats, bat, ball and base from the game where he secured a 40/40 season. The second is his ALCS ring from 1988. Worried about authenticity? Don’t be. Carlson provides photo evidence of his friendship with Jose.

The first eBay listing is his 40/40 collection. That’s right, for the low price of $40,000 (!) you can bring home a bat, ball, base and a disgusting pair of Mizuno cleats. John buries home the point that him and Jose are bros, posting multiple pics of them hanging out over the years. He also included this message:

Was Jose’s personnal bodyguard on his book tours. Have listed many photos of Jose and I to add confidence in bidding. Most recently He gave me his Worcester Tornadoes Uniform and had dinner several times the past month.

Just take a look at these bros. How can’t you trust those two faces?

Image via eBay

As previously mentioned, Canseco’s 1988 ALCS ring is also up for $40k in a separate listing. If you’ve got the extra cash lying around, feel free to make an offer. We’re not touching it though. Sure, we splurged on Cam Newton’s BCS pants but something screams scam to us about this sale.