The Weird Ravens Fan Spanking Video From Last Night’s Blowout [VIDEO]

Spirits were obviously high last night at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens coasted to a 44-13 victory over the division rival Bengals, so it makes sense that things got a little more laid back in the stands late in the game. We’re not entirely sure what is going on here. Girl 1 begins crawling underneath Girl 2. Girl 2 bends over, sticking her ass out in a suggestive manner. Then her man begins smacking away! Gotta love Ravens fans!

This bro just has no shame. Odds are this is his lady-friend, and it does look like she is enjoying it, but it all just seems strange. We’re posting this video more out of confusion than anything else. What was Girl 1 doing crawling all over the ground? Why did Girl 2 poke her ass out like that?

Were any of you guys at the game? Did you bear witness to this strange spanking?

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