Sports Corn Maze Madness: Peyton Manning & More! [PHOTOS]


The Broncos went against the odds and signed Peyton Manning this off-season. The guy went out and played a hell of a game on Sunday night and how does the Greeley, Colorado community reward him? With this corn maze. What is it with corn maze athlete tributes? We showed you the Marshawn Lynch maze earlier in the summer, but this is getting out of hand. Just name a sandwich after the guy and call it a day.

According to Sharapova’s Thigh:

Just last week, I¬†tweeted, “If there’s a worse town in Colorado than Greeley, I haven’t been to it.” And I say that as somebody that lives in Colorado, and has for the last 15+ years now.

So Greeley sounds like the prototypical town that thinks a corn maze is awesome. Are we wrong here? Where we can’t ignore the fact that these things are impressive, it’s certainly hard to get excited over them. The image was tweeted out by @CodyCrouch, a Denver area helicopter photographer, with this (grammatically¬†incorrect) message:

First off Cody, proof-read your tweets. Second off, stick to reporting traffic and weather.

[h/t Sharapova’s Thigh]

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