NBC Sports Anchor Chelsa Messinger Is Next Erin Andrews? [PHOTOS]

If you could take Anna Kournikova, add reporting skills, knowledge of the SEC and a minor league baseball boyfriend, you’d have Columbus, Georgia NBC-38 sports anchor Chelsa Messinger. Gentlemen, we’ve seen the future of ESPN sideline reporting and it includes Ms. Messinger. There are a couple traits we look for in ‘The Next Erin Andrews’ candidates.

You need to be photogenic and have great Twitpics. Chelsa is a home run.

The Ms. Messinger File:

• Former NC State swimmer

• WLTZ NBC 38 sports anchor

• Her mother auditioned for one of the hot chick jobs on Dukes of Hazzard

• Dates Double-A minor league pitcher @JakeBuck33 (5-9 at Corpus Christi)

• 748 Twitter followers


Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: 2014

Messinger makes it through 2012 SEC football season, covers a couple Auburn games and ESPN producers hear about her at the media buffet. Dorky white guys jot down her name, follow her Twitter account and keep an eye on her YouTube videos during 2013 SEC season. Then, just after the 2014 BCS, the WWL pulls the trigger and steals Messinger away from the scrub Columbus, GA station.

Expert Analysis:

Are you kidding me? The Anna Kournikova of Sports Broadcasting shouldn’t be wasting away in podunk Georgia. Fox should get her to Tampa or Texas – immediately. Messinger uploads hot photos to Twitter, seems to party and has a fun attitude. Let’s just hope the advancement to Fox, CBS, NBC Sports Network or ESPN doesn’t change her. Don’t dare stop being the Kournikova of the tube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_98u1ZiVrPU]

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