JaVale McGee Offers Free Lunch To 10 Fans; One Guy Shows Up!


Even when JaVale McGee is trying to do something nice, he can’t seem to get it right. Yesterday on Twitter, McGee offered a free Chipotle lunch to his first ten fans who showed up. You’d assume tons of fans would take him up on this. Hell, at least more than ten, right? Wrong. One person showed up and claimed their free burrito. McGee has over 66,000 followers yet only one felt the desire to meet him and claim a free lunch?! Bummer.

According to Mile High Sports, McGee tweeted:

“1st 10 people who meet me at chipotle in 5 mins get free meals! #OMM the one in Denver on 16th!”

Sure the five minute time slot may have driven the numbers down, but JaVale had to have been disheartened by the showing. The one lucky fan who showed up, @3st0andrew3, enjoyed his lunch and meeting one of his favorite athletes. He tweeted:

For whatever reason, McGee’s tweet has since been deleted. Maybe he realized just how embarrassing it is to have one fan show up for his free lunch giveaway.

JaVale McGee has become somewhat of an easy target for fans and critics in recent years. His moronic plays, dumb looks and questionable attitude have led pundits to dub him more of a laughing stock than a potential star. This latest Twitter gaffe seems appropriate after all he’s gone through.

[@JaValeMcGee34] [h/t Mile High Sports]

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