Juice Head Jets Fan Punches Woman In Jets-Bills Brawl [VIDEO]


It didn’t take long for NFL fan violence to step up and grab headlines. Say hello to a video that’s going to go nuts in the New York tabloids. It’s not just another Bills-Jets fan fight. It’s a juice head Jersey Shore bro drilling a Bills fan (woman) with a sucker punch that drops the woman to the ground. Never before in the history of Busted Coverage have we seen such a disgusting display of fan fight behavior. That’s her head snapping backwards.

According to the YouTube uploader:

a group of Buffalo fans up in the top of 302 were being heckled by Jets fans, they went to leave and the next thing you know beer is thrown and women are punched!

You might remember that the NFL is trying to curb fan violence via a program where fans ejected would have to take a class and pass a test to get back into games. No word on how Goodell will handle men who punch women cheering for the opposing team.

:30 mark.

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