The Skinny Barry Bonds Summer Of Hiking & Biking [PHOTOS]


Barry Bonds has to be one of the strangest retired black baseball players in MLB history. The guy made $188 million over his baseball career, battled through courts and now unwinds by cycling through Colorado and hiking mountains. That’s totally the craziest rich black guy retirement plan we’ve ever heard of. Name another retired black MLB player going shirtless on Colorado backcountry hikes. You can’t.

Face it, Skinny Barry Bonds is a lean beast.

You might remember a month or so ago when we showed the Internet Skinny Barry Bonds cycling the Colorado mountains.

That bike ride wasn’t for show, according to the official Bonds site. Our post went live on July 24. Unbeknownst to us, Team Skinny Bonds was posting more biking and hiking photos on the 24th.

The guy actually shed the baseball bloat by going on shirtless hikes at Buttermilk Mountain (that’s the ski area in Aspen).

And, of course, the cycling photos. Let’s also not forget that Bonds was around in mid-August for the USA Pro Challenge ride of Colorado. The guy is a total cycling fanatic, even telling TMZ this week that Lance Armstrong “was the greatest cyclist of all.”



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