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Snotty Girl Gets Baseball At Marlins Game…With Help Of Her Hot Mom [VIDEO]

If you are expecting sympathy from us in this post, stop reading now. This girl is infuriating. She didn’t get a ball that she thought she deserved so she threw a hissy-fit for an inning. The girl was literally screaming and flailing her arms until she got her baseball. Props to the players for ignoring her too. Flat-out not giving the girl the time of day…that is until her MILF of a mom flashed some cleavage. Never seen a baseball get tossed into a crowd that fast before!

The guy is always painted as evil in a situation like this. Maybe what he did wasn’t ideal, but the way the girl handled herself completely justified this guys move. Typical snobby, entitled South Florida kid.
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[h/t Sportress Of Blogitude]

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