The 13-Foot Tebow Alligator: Now $15,000 & How It Traveled Florida Highways

Don Perkins is sorta enjoying the fame that is starting to come his way after Busted Coverage told the Internet about the 13-foot alligator in a Tim Tebow jersey. A retiree living in Brunswick, Georiga, Perkins has spent the last two weeks with his unnamed gator, causing havoc on Florida highways & now the Internet.

When reached by phone this afternoon, Don was a little perplexed at the fuss. “Are you from the school (UF) paper,” he asked. Once that confusion was settled, Don had no issue telling us the price on the Tebow gator has gone up.

Interest from certain Florida Gators supporters has pushed the price to $15,000. One unnamed Gator fan with a massive house is interested in putting the gator in his man cave. We’re also told that a certain Florida personal injury lawyer is a possible buyer.

“I’m just starting to realize what I got,” Don says.

According to Don’s eBay listing:

This Bull American alligator was captured in the Fish-Eating Creek Wild-life Management Area in S. Florida 2011 by Dennis Perkins, a state licensed trapper with over 25 years of experience, this was the largest one he had ever captured. It is truly unique measuring 13’4″ in length when skinned out and weighing in at over 700LBS. With a mid-section girth and jowl (or jaw muscles) of over 5 feet, this was a really big gator and for anyone concerned with the death of this animal, he was considered to be very dangerous and a nuisance gator. Dennis Perkins was contacted by the Florida Dep. of Natural Resources to remove the animal so everything was done humanely and legally.

“When I saw the gator I just knew we had to do something with it,” Don said. A taxidermist was finally able to properly mount the alligator and two weeks ago Don traveled to Deland, Florida to pick up his work of art. That’s when the animal was fitted with a customized Tebow jersey that buttons up via Velcro strips.

Don hooked up the gator trailer, got in his truck and drove south on I-4 hauling a 13-foot gator to anĀ  Orlando Fox affiliate appearance. Yes, it was wearing the Tebow jersey the whole way.

“I’ve had people snapping photos on the highway and pulling up beside me to wave,” said a humbled owner. “It’s been a nightmare at gas stations. People want photos. They want photos of their kids with the gator.” That’s when Don pondered the thought of a one-gator traveling Tebow circus where kids could take photos with the beast. You can tell he’s just not sure if selling is the right move at this point with all the excitement.

“I did this just to make a little money,” he says, as if the money can’t possibly pay for the fun he’s having.

The tour continued from Orlando to Gainesville, where the gator is said to have gained the attention of the football coaching staff, and then home to Georgia where Tebow Gator is residing in Don’s garage.

As for branding his alligator in a Tebow jersey, Don didn’t seem to realize that choice would create such commotion on the Internet.

“I think alot of Tim Tebow. I want to give him the option to buy it, but we haven’t heard back,” he says.