Oklahoma State Student Beats Roommate For Saying Football Is Stupid

Oklahoma State beat Savannah State 84-0 on Saturday and then an OSU fan beat his roommate for making disparaging remarks about football as a sport. That’s right, an OSU student this week beat his roommate so bad the other kid had to go to the hospital. The details are sketchy right now because charges haven’t been filed, but this is a real thing.

According to the Stillwater NewsPress:

Captain David Altman said two students in Davis Hall got into an argument over the value of football as a sport. Altman said the victim told his roommate football was a stupid sport. The roommate did not agree and asked him to go outside, Altman said. The victim told police he intended to leave anyway and misunderstood the question.

Once outside, Altman said the roommate struck the victim several times with his fists, causing minor injuries.

Note: alcohol is allowed in Davis hall for those 21 & older.

We want names and Facebook photos, Oklahoma State students. Let’s do a tale of the tape. Football supporter was obviously bigger than football hater, right? Details, send them in.