Michael Phelps Vegas Retirement Celebration; Pool Party At Encore Beach Club! [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps has kicked off retirement with a bang. After his first quasi-retirement back in 2008-09, the guy was caught ripping a bong, so it only makes sense he goes nuts for his actual retirement. The guy hit up Vegas and let loose at an Encore Beach pool party over the weekend. Brunettes were left and right splashing around and enjoying cake with the 22-time Olympic medalist. We give the guy three years until he’s broke and/or becomes an alcoholic.

The big question out of all of this is what does Phelps girlfriend, Megan Rossee,┬áthink of all this? We haven’t heard much from her lately and there’s no way she’s thrilled to see her man partying with bikini-clad brunettes.

[Lead image via Topsy]