L.A. Daily News Reporter Scott Wolf’s A.P. Ballot: Oklahoma St. Unranked, Kansas St. #11

There’s Los Angeles Daily News reporter Scott Wolf and the Washington cheerleaders. More on Wolf later. Are you smarter than an A.P. college football voter? Thanks to PollSpeak.com, you can look at the ballots from voters and see some of the crazy selections these guys make out of thin air. Take the Ray Ratto ballot we tweeted this morning. Ray had Texas State ranked #16 on his ballot (beat Houston 30-13 on Saturday).

As for Wolf, well, his is just as bad.

Evidence: Wolf’s ballot.

The WTF on Scott’s ballot: Kansas St. ranked #11 while Oklahoma St. is unranked.

Saturday’s results: Kansas St. beat Missouri St. 51-9. OSU beat Savannah St. 84-0.

Sure, both teams faced cupcakes. Early season revenue generators. Guaranteed wins. Here is why Wolf should stick to getting his photo taken with college cheerleaders: only one other (see below) AP voter had Kansas State ranked #11. In fact, the Wildcats are #24 in the overall A.P. poll, while OSU is 9th.

Robert Cessna of the Bryan-College Station Eagle and Jon Wilner (also had Kansas State #11) of the San Jose Mercury News also had Oklahoma State unranked.

Does it matter? Of course it matters. Recruiting happens 365 days a year. Does being ranked in the Top 10 look sexier than being #11? Sure it does. Does being ranked in the Top 5 get you more attention from newspapers and ESPN? Sure it does.

How does one team beating a cupcake get ranked #11 and the other goes unranked? Just another year of mysteries in college football voting.