Oregon Cheerleader Taylor Richmond Is Next Erin Andrews? [43 PHOTOS]

Another Oregon cheerleader, another potential future-Erin Andrews. Taylor Richmond is a member of the Ducks cheer squad and if you didn’t know her before, take note. She’s in the class of 2015 and follows the long, proud tradition of UO babes ready to take over for Pageviews. We introduced you to Bridget Case a few weeks ago, but dare we say Taylor is even hotter?

Getting sick of the Oregon cheer squad yet? Good, neither are we.

The Facts:

  • University of Oregon, class of 2015
  • Journalism major
  • Born and raised in Utah
  • Talented and passionate artist
  • On the record saying she “hates the word moist”
  • Only 459 Twitter followers at time of this post (@TKRichyRich)

Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: 2018

Taylor is a journalism major, however we haven’t been able to confirm or deny any interest in sideline reporting. Say what you will, but with a face like that we don’t see her hiding behind a computer screen. Don’t be surprised ¬†when that ESPN call comes in or around 2018 and she becomes the next big thing on campus.

Expert Analysis:

Sure this might be a stretch, but we think Taylor is a shoe in for sideline reporting. She has that classic Erin Andrews/Sam Steele look that ESPN loves. Throw her on ESPN3 for a couple years, call her up when Holly Rowe decides to hang up the mic.

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