Gronk Fantasy Football Promo Vs. Gronk Doing Body Shots Off Chick [VIDEO]


Over the past two years we have been subject to a wide variety of Gronk videos. From the corny Madden promos to his partying escapades, we’ve seen it all…until now. ESPN thought it would be a good idea to get Gronk in a fantasy football promotional video. Just Gronk and the camera, what could go wrong? The guy comes off as a total buffoon and went as far as comparing you (the viewer) to a chicken cutlet.

Sure this video is beyond corny, but is it worse than his body shot video from earlier in the summer? Just a drunken mess slobbering all over some unsuspecting college girls’ stomach here, don’t mind Gronk.

This begs the question…what is the worst Gronk video to date? Is it his corny chicken cutlet-fantasy football promo? Is it his sloppy body shot video? Is it something else? Vote and sound off below!

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