Buy 13 Ft. Stuffed Gator Wearing Tim Tebow Jersey For $10,000 [PHOTOS]

One of our goals here at BC is to bring you some of the most outrageous sports related items┬áthat┬áthe internet has to offer. This just might top everything we’ve shown you before: a 13 ft. alligator, stuffed and mounted rocking a Tim Tebow jersey. Topping this gem off is the football that is duct taped (yes, duct taped) to the gators hand. It’s signed by Tebow, Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel! Three Heisman winners, one gator!

Go crazy, Tebow fanatics. $10,000 seems like a deal for a classic piece of Americana. According to the eBay seller pd.194:

This Bull American alligator was captured in the Fish-Eating Creek Wild-life Management Area in S. Florida 2011 by Dennis Perkins, a state licensed trapper with over 25 years of experience.

He continued:

For anyone concerned with the death of this animal, he was considered to be very dangerous and a nuisance gator. Dennis Perkins was contacted by the Florida Dep. of Natural Resources to remove the animal so everything was done humanely and legally.

You hear that PETA? We don’t want to hear any of your nonsense…this was a nuisance gator after all! You can check out the full description over on the eBay listing, but act quickly because this gator will be gone by next week!

[Buy The Tebow Gator For $10,000]

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