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Colts Cheerleader Says Yes To Preseason Marriage Proposal From Boyfriend [PHOTOS]

So there was a wedding proposal during last week’s final Colts preseason game. The cast was: Hannah Y., (@hmyates) a second-year Colts cheerleader and Indiana student studying dentistry. The balding guy is @bradleycarrico, an Indiana bro who figured a meaningless Colts-Bengals game would be a romantic place to ask his girlfriend to marry him.  Yes, Bradley is wearing loafters, khakis & a horrible Colts polo. Yes, we want to know why she said ‘yes.’

Our friends at report that the proposal came during a routine between the first and second quarters. Coordinated with the Colts staff, Bradley got on a knee in the end zone and totally just got engaged way out of his league.

Yes, fans want to know why he couldn’t have made it special and saved it for the Week Two home opener against the Vikings.

There’s Bradley, far right. Guess hot cheerleaders really do care about personality.

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