Bama Fan Cowboyintn1979 Returns From Hiatus, Breaks Down Michigan Ass Whoopin’ [VIDEO]

ROLL TIDE! Cowboyintn1979 is back and it’s like Christmas morning for us here at BC. Baby, we know we bad. Everybody else knows we f*ckin’ bad. Who the f*ck we have on our schedule we can’t beat. Ain’t nobody f*ckin’ touch us.¬†Roll Tide on that ass! Michigan’s quarterback wasn’t worth a f*ck.¬†Michigan wasn’t worth a f*ck.

Folks, there isn’t a better trash talking college football fan on YouTube. The legend is back, drinking Jack Daniels, trash talking Paul Finebaum and breaking down how Bama trashed Michigan.

Bonus points for Cowboy attacking Finebaum, calling him a “bald headed motherf*cker.”

Turn it up!