Alabama Fans Have Roll Tide Themed Wedding Before Michigan Game [PHOTOS]

It was just a couple weeks ago that the Internet was buzzing over the Alabama fans who hired Big Al – the school’s mascot – to work their wedding. Now comes word, via our friend @theJacobR, that his wife’s friend got married Saturday in a Roll Tide themed wedding before the Michigan game.

At this couple’s age, do you really need all the hoopla of a church wedding and an expensive reception?

Jacob says that the wedding happened in the couple’s house before the game and that the above photo is the happy couple toasting each other with best wishes on another BCS Championship.

“(My) wife showed me the pics so I had to say Roll Tide and share them. I can’t disprove the ghost of Bear is visible in one,” Jacob reports.

What a lucky guy, this groom is. He finds time to squeeze in a wedding between GameDay, mowing the yard and watching the Michigan game. Not a bad Labor Day weekend at all.

The bridesmaids


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