2012 August - page 11

Aug 2, 2012

Phillies Bro Sneaks Horse Mask By Lexus Luxury Seat Police [Morning Twitpic]

You mean I can't get a bottle of water into a ballpark but this asshole can sneak a horse head mask by security? And how exactly does that happen? Into the Lexus luxury seats, to boot! (via @_JakeRussell) The big Olympic news this morning? An Aussie rower got bombed last night, damaged a shop, was taken to police HQ, hit his head and eventually went to the hospital. As for TV, you get Lochte & men's basketball. Let's get rolling!

Aug 1, 2012

Olympic Weightlifter Seen Lee’s Hairy Armpits: Hot Or Not?

Her name is Seen Lee and the Australian didn't leave the London Olympics with a medal, but the rookie definitely left her mark on Twitter via her insanely hairy armpits. Competing in the 63kg division, Lee finished seventh and "couldn't clear 86kg in the snatch, while her attempt at 106kg in the clean and jerk also failed," according to Australian media. Why the hairy armpits? JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Sexiest Olympian Fencers & Miley Cyrus Gets Naked [Afternoon Dump]

• Top 10 sexiest fencers at the Olympics • Sharni Vinson is a gorgeous unknown babe • Miley Cyrus gets...

Aug 1, 2012

Louisiana Tech’s Mascot Tech XX Is Dead – RIP, Little Buddy

There has been a tragic end to the story of the missing Louisiana Tech American Bulldog mascot, Tech XX. The university has released a statement on the death of the mascot. It's been revealed that an animal hospital employee has been fired in the negligent death of the dog due to heat stroke. It was announced earlier in the week that the dog was missing. Now the school says it was just a death coverup. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Browns Fan Selling Short Bus With Eric Metcalf Seat Cover; $4K [PHOTOS]

It's that time of year when you football fans start assessing the upcoming season's tailgating, ticket situation, schedule, NFL Ticket pricing & other small details. Busted Coverage editors will hopefully ease that pain over the next 30 days via our "Your Football Loving Ass Needs This" report. Been in the market for a new tailgating ride? Looking for cheap tickets to a SEC game in October? Want to buy a new beer bong? We're here for you. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Olympic Beach Volleyball Butt Signals: What They Mean

Been watching Olympic beach volleyball and can't figure out what the hand signal system used by the pros? We're here to help. It's kinda like a baseball coach giving signs to a hitter. Read up on this post or keep it handy for tonight's May-Walsh vs. Schwaiger sisters match. Your wife or girlfriend is just waiting for you to drop hand signal knowledge on her. JUMP!

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Aug 1, 2012

NSFW USA Vs. Spain Water Polo Nip Slip! [PHOTOS]

The Olympics really don't start until you get a solid water polo nip slip. The wait is officially over thanks to today's U.S. vs. Spain water polo match. Underwater cameras caught this scrum during the 9-9 tie and you had a full sideboob nip slip to entertain the Internet. Of course there are screencappers out there just waiting for a boob to pop out of a one-piece. Let the Games begin. JUMP!

Donovan McNabb Spotted At San Diego Zoo, Not In NFL Training Camp

How do we know Donovan McNabb is at the end of his NFL career? It's late July and the former Super Bowl QB was spotted this week at the San Diego Zoo and not throwing passes as a backup QB. There have been rumors of McNabb to the 49ers and even the Eagles. Instead, the guy who was supposed to be making a comeback is instead spending time with the kids pretending to enjoy watching tigers do nothing. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Has A 99 Tattoo Near Her Crotch

Nope, that's not a fake '99' tattoo on Paulina Gretzky for a Complex Magazine interview & photoshoot. Real deal. Of course in this interview, Ms. Gretzky says that, "I want people to see that I’m intelligent. I’m not a bimbo." Guess we'll have to take her word for it. Could've fooled us on the intelligence part. What do we learn about Paulina in the piece? She wants to have a music career. Of course she does. Go read the interview.

Aug 1, 2012

Of Course Team USA Basketball Is The Esteem Team, Hairy Pits & Olympic Hooker [Daily WTF]

Do you see random sh$% while driving to work and think it needs to be seen by the masses? Does the guy who sits next to you at work look like a tool on a daily basis? Does your dog lick his balls in an odd fashion? Is your neighbor working on some sort of outer space vehicle behind his shed? We want your WTF photos. Email us: mail@bustedcoverage.com

Aug 1, 2012

Aug 1, 2012

28 Best Photos Of Hannah Davis – Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend

And then there was new Derek Jeter girlfriend news. According to the NY Post, the Yankees legend is now dating lingerie model Hannah Davis. She's a Ralph Lauren model who has also spent time as a bra/underwear model. He's supposedly taking her to clubs and have supposedly been dating for several months. Guess how old Davis is. GUESS! She's twenty-friggin-two! Just Jeter being Jeter. The guy is brilliant. JUMP!

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Aug 1, 2012

Leryn Franco London Olympics Stretching Program Is Impressive [PHOTOS]

Our Paraguayan Spanish isn't real strong but it appears Leryn Franco tweeted out this photo from London to show off her pre-javelin competition stretching program. "Toda la info sobre mi competencia... gracias por el apoyo! Look, we told you guys on Saturday that if Leryn wasn't going to win a medal, she'd at least give Nike some great advertising. Nike shoes: check. Nike vapor barrier shirt: check. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

21 NSFW Tigers Fans Tweets Blasting Red Sox Rainout With Bases Loaded!

Busy watching the Olympics? There are other sports to worry about. Like baseball. Remember that sport? There was a fiasco last night surrounding the outcome of the Red Sox-Tigers game. The Red Sox had a 4-1 lead in the sixth inning when the rain really started to worsen. An hour and 45 minutes later, the game was called. Seems routine, right? Wrong. The Tigers had the bases loaded, tying run on first, winning run at the plate! JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

42 Hottest New York Giants Sexy Superfans

Like most of you, we are itching for football season to start. In the midst of the dog days of summer, many get sick of baseball and start turning their attention to football. Don’t blame you a bit. To help quench your thirst, BC is going on a 32 team, 32 day, 32 gallery tour of NFL cheerleaders & superfans. No cheerleaders? No problem! Giants sexy superfans are here and you won't be disappointed. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Olympic Gymnast Nose Picker Creeper Digging For Gold [VIDEO]

Tired of waiting for Bob Costas to wax poetic about the Olympics before getting to the replays you really care about? Having trouble finding videos of 2012 Olympic Games that really matter? So are we. That’s why we’re opening the‘Busted Coverage Olympic Videos You Actually Care About’ world headquarters. It’ll only be open for the next two weeks. Here's the gymnastics nose picker creeper digging for a gold medal. JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Fuzz Looking For South Florida Bulls Fan In BB&T Bank Heist! [Cuff ‘Em]

Are you out of work, behind on your house payments, the electric is about to be shut off and you need to pay for a divorce? Getting out of debt could be easy. Do you know this bank robber? Would you consider turning on your homeboy, but don’t have the nerves to rat? Let us help you. We’ll turn on your homeboy. And split the reward money with you! It’s a win-win. Full story – JUMP!

Aug 1, 2012

Pretty Sure The NBC Olympics Logo Editor Is Insulting Dong [Morning Twitpic]

What's the big story in London this morning? Michael Phelps becoming the Olympic legend? Nope. The Daily Mail has a huge feature on the Olympian Zara Phillips' (Queen's granddaughter) horse bus. Nothing like going frontpage with an equestrian story. The British are also still trying to explain all the empty seats. An estimated 60,000 seats have been empty per day. As for your Day 5 TV schedule, you get women's basketball and more Phelps. Let's get rolling!