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ESPNU Hosts Play NCAA Football ’13 On Cowboys Stadium Big Screen [PHOTOS]

Why hasn’t BC gotten this opportunity yet? Do enough people really watch ESPNU’s Road Trip to give their hosts the opportunity to play NCAA Football ’13 on the Cowboys Stadium┬ábig screen? Maybe we’re just bitter and jealous…actually yes, that’s definitely the case. We want to play video games on a 60-yard screen. We want to play the ESPNU crew head-to-head.

Hosts Oliver Ali Nejad (@Ali_Nejad) and Niki Noto (@NikiNoto) set up a preview of Saturday’s prime-time match up between Alabama and Michigan on the big screen. Sorry fans, no word on who came out on top. Check out 60-yards of video game action below.

P.S. We have full confidence that BC would crush the ESPNU Road Trip crew in NCAA Football 13. Yes, that is a challenge.

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