MTV Teen Mom Star Tweets Chargers Bowl Photo Days After Pot Charges Dropped


Jenelle Evans is a member of the cast of MTV’s Teen Mom series. She was arrested back in June after a fight with her then boyfriend blah blah blah. Long story short, the cops showed up and found weed. She had her hearing this week and all of the charges were dropped. For whatever reason, Jenelle thought it was a good idea to go home and tweet out a photo of a Chargers bowl…the next day!

Can’t say it’s the smartest move, but hey, she is a “star” on Teen Mom. Jenelle has nearly half a million followers on Twitter (WTF!?) and sent out the photo with the following message:

Promoting her buddy Kieffer’s paraphernalia site? Fine, but if you are going to get all ballsy posting pics of pipes, at least make it one that doesn’t look like a 3rd grader made it during arts and crafts.


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