Is Lauren Tannehill Checking Out This Reporter’s Cans? [PHOTOS, RECAP]

Episode 4 of Hard Knocks aired last night and once again the WAGs stole the show. Lauren Tannehill and Jackie Long were doing their thing for some charity, typical WAG work. Then this caught our eye…was Lauren Tannehill checking out the reporters cans?! Can it be? In other WAG news, we saw the debut of Kristian Fong, Mike Pouncey’s girlfriend. She’s not quite on Tannehill/Long level, but she seems a little sassy. Oh, and Les Brown’s girlfriend stole the show…again.

Is it just us, or is Jamie Lynn Crandall (Les Brown’s girlfriend) the hottest WAG on the show? She could literally pass for Minka Kelly in some of these shots! Here are BC’s WAG power rankings after four episodes:

  1. Jamie Lynn Crandall- WAG of Les Brown
  2. Lauren Tannehill- WAG of Ryan Tannehill
  3. Jackie Long- WAG of Jake Long
  4. Kristian Fong- WAG of Mike Pouncey

We have some bad news though. Les Brown was cut on last nights episode which means we will no longer be seeing Jamie Lynn. A sad day for us here at BC. That being said, we need to see a lot out of Lauren and Jackie next episode to make up for her absence.

A few quick thoughts on last nights episode:

  • The scene when Jeff Ireland cut Vontae Davis was uncomfortable to watch.
  • Joe Philbin is a phony. We want Rex back.
  • Joe Philbin is boring as sh*t.
  • How the F*CK does Ryan Tannehill not know the teams in each NFL Division?!
  • Who is the mystery girl in the white pants walking with Les Brown? We need to know. Now.

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