Buy These Life-Size Shaq Paintings For Only $3,995; Valued at $100,000! [PHOTOS]

In the market for a life-size portrait of Shaq? How about one of Shaq in a Superman suit? If so, we’ve got you covered. A Newport Beach-area Craigslist user posted these masterpieces yesterday and somehow they haven’t sold yet. For only $3,995 each, these paintings could find their way into your basement, office or living room. Supposedly they’re valued at $100,000 each so $3,995 is practically getting them for free!

If you’re buying one of these, the Superman one has to be the play right? Honestly who doesn’t want Shaq’s life-size junk staring you in the face every time you walk into the room.

Looking to buy? Here’s some more information from the post:

  • Valued at $100,000 each
  • Includes a $3,000 frame
  • Includes a coffee table book, dedicated to Shaq by the artist
  • Seller is liquidating a $2 million dollar sport art collection
  • Also available are: Shaq (3) Magic, Magic/Jordan, Magic/Bird, Kobe (4), Yao Ming, Michael Jordan, Ali portrait, Ali over Liston (3), Michael Schumacher (3)

There you have it. If you end up getting sick of it you can just sell the frame at cost and eat the $995 loss.

Like what you see? Buy these one-of-a-kind Shaq portraits now!

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