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Whitney Ward – NFL Cheerleader Rookie Of The Year Contender [PHOTOS]

It should be obvious by now just how much I love cheerleaders. I mean, most dudes don’t scour the college Division II ranks or the Arena Leauge cheerleader rosters if they just have a passing interest in cheerleaders. No, this has pretty much reached obsession levels. And I’m OK with that.

One of my favorite “category” of cheerleader is the rookie professional cheerleader. Those bright eyed noobs that are shaking it on an NFL or NBA sideline for the first time. There is just something entrancing about the unbridled energy a rookie can bring to a squad that makes me happy.

Know Your NFL Cheerleaders: Whitney

• Whitney’s official Titans’ Cheerleader Bio Page

• Cheered in college at UT-Chattanooga

• Follow Whitney on Twitter @whiT_wooo

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