Taylor Milligan Gives Us Another Glimpse Into The World Of A Puck Bunny

In June we gave you guys a scoop on a puck-slut who had been causing quite a ripple in the hockey world. Taylor Milligan (@Princess_Sass) released private messages between herself and NHL player Joffrey Lupul. Long story short, he wanted naked pics. She played hard to get, and eventually ended up sleeping with a bunch of NHL prospects. We thought that would be the last we’d hear of Taylor, but boy were we wrong. She released another private convo…this time with another puck slut.

Our friends at Crossing Broad gave the detailed account of Milligan’s shenanigans back in June. Since then, she has seen her Twitter followers rise, along with her internet infamy. While skimming through her Twitter today, we noticed some interesting photos. Looks like she was chatting it up with another wannabe puck-slut named Megan Brooks.

Things got a bit shady after the conversation started. According to Taylor, Megan deleted her account info, so for the remainder of the chat she was only known as “Facebook user”.

There was a little innocent banter between the two. Taylor, a Penguins fan, and Megan, a Lightning fan, went back and forth bickering over Crosby and Stamkos…blah, blah, blah. Then things got strange:

Something seems off here. First Megan was bashing Taylor and her puck-sluttery. Then she admits to banging Cam Fowler of the Anaheim Ducks. Who goes around messaging puck-sluts? Is there an underground network of puck-sluts? Who knows, but Megan clearly wanted some information out of Taylor. Read the full conversation in the gallery below.

We want more. Who is Megan Brooks? Do you know her? Does she really exist? Is her account a front for a media member scrounging for a scoop?

Let us know: mail@bustedcoverage.com