Greyhound Racing’s Darling Flying Tim Tebow Can’t Seem To Win A Race (SAD UPDATE)


There’s sad news in the greyhound racing world. No, not that there are more greyhounds that need adopted. While a legitimate concern, we’re more interested in the sudden issues surrounding Flying Tim Tebow, once greyhound’s darling champion. Like his human counterpart, things just haven’t been going very well for FTT.

He’s 0-1-1 in his last seven races and hasn’t been in the winner’s circle since June. He hasn’t raced since August 3, a last-place finish (video).

Sad times, indeed.

Even more troubling, FTT has three last-place finishes in his last six races. Can greyhounds hit the wall in 2-3 months? At what point do greyhounds start to lose their racing skills? Many pro-animal sites say the normal greyhound races for 3-4 years.

Flying Tim Tebow’s whelp date was 10-20-2008. Yes, a legend’s career is winding down. Are you a Tebow fan who has pretty much everything, but doesn’t have a $10 to win gambling ticket? We recommend not wasting time and getting to the Palm Beach track, soon.

Retirement with an old lady in Indiana is near.

UPDATE: Oops. Let’s just hope they didn’t euthanize the dog.

(Better times for FTT – December 2011)

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