Brett Favre’s High School Football Team Now 2-0, Wins 30-20


Well, it didn’t take long for someone to attack Brett Favre’s offensive play calling at the high school level. Oak Grove (Miss.) did improve to 2-0 last night with a 30-20 win over Purvis, but not before a scare. It took a 17-point effort in the fourth quarter for the Gunslinger to hold off OG’s rivals and stay perfect in high offensive coordinator career.

But the detractors are already surfacing.

Sure, Favre’s offense racked up 64 points in its first game. Now the competition gets better and his team struggles, needing an INT for a TD for the go-ahead fourth quarter points.


Coke and pizza shop time, boys.

Favre will have time to work out the kinks; Oak Grove actually has a bye week coming up. Favre’s next assignment comes against Laurel, who was drilled, 38-0, Friday night by Hattiesburg.

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