Here’s The Cal Mascot, Oski, Chugging A Beer Through A Straw Last Night

Who is only college mascot in college football who chugs beers through a straw that goes through his/her mascot head? Answer: Oski, from the Cal Bears. Yes, it is Berkeley so fans don’t even think twice of a mascot chugging a beer through a straw. Just happens at the bar all the time.

The thing is, the actual act of the chugging hadn’t been seen by the Internet – until last night. This is at San Francisco bar The Republic (@republicsf).

Is there a cooler mascot tradition than a bear chugging a beer through a straw that goes through a hole near the eye ? Unlikely.

How big of a legend is Oski? You might remember 1995 when the mascot received a police escort from a Stanford basketball team for fighting the Tree (see below).
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