Former Corrections Officer Throws Football Full Of Drugs Over Prison Fence

High school football in Ohio starts tonight. You know what people in Ohio do from August. 25 through the Super Bowl? Think about football. Watch football. Call radio shows to talk football. Go on message boards to start a new conspiracy theory about college football. And throw a football full of drugs into a prison yard.

That’s right, Janine Fulton, an ex-corrections worker was arrested for going Brandon Weeden at a jail.


Janine A. Fulton, 43, of Bucyrus, was arrested on a third-degree felony charge of illegal conveyance of drugs or other prohibited items onto grounds of a detention facility or institution. METRICH Commander Lt. Ken Coontz said Fulton had prescription drugs and marijuana and could face more charges.

Despite frequent attempts to sneak contraband inside prisons, Kemmer said he had never seen a football used for that purpose before.

Fulton reportedly has previously been in trouble for a similar offense.

“She was a former corrections officer from one of the institutes in Marion. We believe she was terminated,” Coontz said. “According to her, it was for allowing contraband to remain in prison.”

Of course we found Fulton’s resume and noticed that her corrections career lasted about a year during 2000-2001. She actually got the guard job just after receiving her GED – in 2000. Go read her resume and you’ll understand why she was throwing a drug football into a prison.

Just Ohio being Ohio.

[Bucyrus woman lobs drug-stuffed football into prison yard]

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