NSFW Spanish Cam Model Luna Tells BC About Her New England Patriots Passion [PHOTOS]

What separates BC from all the other sports blogs rambling on about fantasy football rankings, how many wins the San Diego Chargers will have in 2012 and Tebow? We actually go out and find hot chicks who’ll talk football and send us insane photos. Take today’s subject, Luna Barberan (@Lunascam).

She’s from Madrid (Spain), but her husband (sorry) taught her all about football & the New England Patriots. Could we walk into a bar and get this much football talk out of a hot chick? Never. That’s why Twitter has changed the game. You can be a dork blogger and get Luna to talk about her Patriots’ passion.

When I moved to the USA ( I’m from Madrid Spain) I knew NOTHING about football :)y husband started explaining the game to me and fell in love w football. We both are patriots fans. LCD their organization ,I believe we have the best nfl team w a gr8 history and amazing franchise!

Of course she has her favorite players; Gronk and Brady make that list. “Gronk is an amazing addition and player. He’s explosive and passionate and a phenomenal TE,” she tweets, rubbing it in AFC fan’s face.

The obvious follow-up question was who was hotter: Gronk, Brady or Vince Wilfork? Luna, in her Spanish tweeting tongue, pumped out a serious answer that caught us off guard.

If we’re talking physically, Tom is more my type, as a player I don’t think anybody compares to him either but I love Wilfork’s heart and commitment to the Patriots and Gronk’s explosiveness ..they all diff and very valuable(.)

Is Bill Belichick remotely sexy?

lol I def don’t consider him attractive.He’s brilliant as a coach.the best in nfl history and I love his personality w press

And then Luna emails a Zip file of totally NSFW photos and semi-SFW pics. Yes, we’re sure she’s married.

Remember, guys, we do this for you. Don’t even start complaining that we covered Luna’s fully nude photos. Rules are rules around here. The advertisers will go nuts. Go visit her sites.

[NSFW – Luna’s Cam – Official Site]   [@Lunascam]

[New England at Tampa Bay, Tonight – 7:30]

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