36 Best 69 Fan Jerseys On The Internet [PHOTOS]

Of course you have a ’69 Jersey’ buddy. You know the guy: lives by YOLO. He’s probably married; his wife hates him, too. But he’s the hardo who’ll walk into an opposing team’s stadium wearing a ‘Your Mom 69′ jersey. Your goal is to not get stabbed or shot. 69 YOLO doesn’t care. The wife is about to leave his ass and he’s not at a football game to meet a wife. He’s there to crush beers and maybe throw a couple punches.

For football ’69 Jersey’ guy, he’s been like a caged chimp ready to rip the face off some old hag owner. September rolls around and he’s unhinged, ready to attack a football stadium. $8 beers don’t faze him. Snow is merely a chance to wear the 69 over his 20-year-old Carhartt code.

Have a great 69 jersey that we missed? Send it in. We’ll just keep updating this post until all the great 69s in the wild have been properly recognized for their ingenuity.


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