The Clevelander Is Still The Best Thing About Miami Marlins Baseball [27 PHOTOS]

Sure the pool-boy position has since been filled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t admire the thing of beauty that is the Clevelander. The girls that fill this bar on a nightly basis are incredible. Whether its the lifeguard, the bartenders or the dancers, you know you’ll be getting some serious eye candy out of your visit. We’ve profiled these babes before and with photos like these, it doesn’t look like we’ll be stopping anytime soon.

These photos are from a game against the Dodgers earlier in the month, so although the Marlins may have tanked, the party is still going strong in the outfield. For those of you who have forgotten, here’s the rundown:

• $75 per person

• Order here. Select game you want to see. Look for the Clevelander seat on right side.

• Don’t waste time ordering. Limited tickets to each game. We’re told they’re going fast.

• Can stay open until 3 a.m.

• Clevelander doesn’t cut off alcohol sales in 7th inning

• 21 & up only

• Opens 2 hours before first pitch

Looking to end your summer on a bang? Look no further than our friends at Clevelander.