Packers Fan, Mel C., In Tennessee Is Living The Superfan Lifestyle [PHOTOS]

Do you obsess over your NFL team? Have you ever lost season tickets in a divorce settlement? Have you added a room onto your house for memorabilia? Does your NFL man cave deserve the admiration of the Internet? We want to hear your story, see your photos and show BC readers that you have NFL superfan tendencies. Tell us stories about the time you threw a keg through a Raiders fan’s car window.Better yet, show us the photos: [email protected]

Mel C. sent us a telegraph this morning.

Never go out in my PACKER MOBILE (without) someone wanting to take a picture. Lot of Packer fans in Tennessee.

And, of course, there were three photos of Mel’s PT Cruiser attached to the email. The follow-up question was almost too easy.

“Is the Packer Mobile a chick getter,” we asked.

We moved to Central Illinois in 1965 (just got out of the Air Force) seems everyone was a Chicago Bear or St Louis Cardinal fan and I Liked Vince  Lomardi’s way of doing things….IE… we all play the same amount of time….don’t you think its better to work harder and win…so I became a Packer fan. I have attached a pic of my office and a couple of my 4 legged critters. as far as the Packer Mobile being a “chick” getter…well …lets just say the chick I’ve had for years is all I can handle. …but a lot of people take pictures going down the highway and especially at red lights. seems most fans like what they see. I sent a pic to the Packer webpage but didn’t get a response. Guess they get a lot of e mails. Thanks for your interest.

Mel C.

Vince Lombardi and the Packers would win Super Bowl I in 1966. 46 years later and Mel C. is still cruising Tennessee, proudly rocking his Packers colors. Brings a tear to my eye. Men being men. Real men. Painting their cars. Putting clothes on their dogs. His dogs don’t even think of not wearing green and yellow on Sundays. Mel runs this house from Sept. 7-Feb. 7.


It’s what wakes me up in the morning.

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