Mariners Team Store Robber Takes 16 Ichiro Jerseys That Were 50% Off! [VIDEO]


The Ichiro era in Seattle was down to the 50% rack at the Mariners team store. So, what does a robber do? He busts through a door at the team store, grabs 16 Ichiro jerseys and makes a run for it. Those were $240 jerseys before Ichiro was traded to the Yankees. The play here has to be storing the jerseys for like 8-10 years and take them to the 2020 Coachella Festival where they’ll be worth like $300.

Of course the Seattle P.D. is asking for the public’s help in locating the stolen jerseys.

According to the Seattle Times:

It appears the man only wanted the jerseys bearing the name and number of the former Mariners outfielder, who was traded last month to the New York Yankees.

“They were very specific,” said store supervisor Chris French. “We are thinking they had scoped it out before.”

Official jerseys on eBay are going for $75.

[HT @darrenrovell]

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