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Former UCF Cheerleader Stars In Insane Football Recruiting Video

Relax, the UCF administration isn’t behind this video and the two Boob McGees frolicking in the fountain on the campus. This is from the bros at Axis Magazine, the notorious group who keeps shooting hot chicks in various forms of undress – on campus. The girls are waitresses at Tilted Kilt, which is known as the greatest recruiting restaurant in college football.

At work and can’t watch video? We have you covered.

Anyway, in case you care, the brunette is Gia Sangosti. She’s a former UCF cheerleader. Something tells us George O’Leary sits 18-year-olds down and has them watch this very closely before they make a life-changing decision.

On an iPad at Tilted Kilt.

[Axis Magazine]

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