2012 College Football Sideline Reporters You Need To Know


We’ve been waiting for the post-Erin Andrews era of college football sideline reporting and it’s officially here. Women who went to school to become the next Pageviews, get their shot this fall as Andrews moves to the Fox studio and Samantha Steele landed the Thursday night assignment. Jenn Brown, now the senior sideline reporter, handles Saturday afternoons.

Rookie of the Year: Kristen Ledlow

Works for Fox and is on pace to be a big name in the business. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Comeback of the Year: Heather Cox

40+ and going to be in HD on millions of televisions. A true vet

2012 Sideline Reporter MVP: Jenn Brown

ESPN sideline reporting is in transition and Brown still brings the sex appeal to drive men crazy. Still the epitome of what Pageviews built back in 2005. Forget that she got married in the offseason.

Employer: Fox Sports   Twitter: @KristenLedlow   Facebook: Kristen Ledlow

Employer: Fox Sports   Twitter: @LauraMcKeeman   Facebook: Laura McKeeman

Employer: ESPN   Twitter: @ESPN_Jenn   Facebook: Jenn Brown

Employer: ESPN   Twitter: @Samantha_Steele

Employer: ESPNU   Twitter: @AllisonW_Sports   Facebook: Allison Williams

Employer: Fox Sports   Twitter: @JulieAlexandria  

Employer: Big Ten Network   Twitter: @LarraBeth

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