Moving Guy ‘Gene’ Selling Keyshawn Johnson’s Couch & Ottoman For $500

Good job, Internet. Never did we think we’d be able to pick up Keyshawn Johnson‘s old couch and ottoman for only $500. Some guy named ‘Gene’ recently posted the furniture on Craigslist. After holding back our gut instinct of just pulling the trigger and buying it, we decided to give Gene a call and hear the story behind this priceless furniture.

We wanted to know how Gene could verify that the furniture belonged to Keyshawn. Bummer is that he couldn’t. All Gene was willing to provide us with was his word; no certificate of authenticity, no autograph.

Gene said he owns a moving company and was lucky enough to move Keyshawn out of his home in the Tampa area. The furniture was kept in Gene’s storage unit until the Johnson’s were ready for it. Then, in typical WAG fashion, Keyshawn’s wife wanted new furniture.

Supposedly Key was going to ship the furniture to his aunt in California, but Gene told the ESPN football analyst that would run him around $8,000. That’s when Gene was told just to keep the furniture.

Remember, this is Florida. You’ve been warned, memorabilia collectors.

  • Black Italian Leather Couch and Love Seat
  • Like New
  • New was selling for $7500, selling now for $500

[Buy Keyshawn’s old furniture – Craigslist]

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