Emporia State Football Practice Includes Huge Water Balloon Fight [VIDEO]

A water balloon fight at football practice?! As if things weren’t loose enough at a Division II football program, coach Garin Huggins of Emporia State University took things to the next level this week. He thought the grind was wearing on his team so he organized a sneak water balloon attack. The coach is 14-29 since 2007, hence the need to have fun before getting their heads pounded by Fort Hays State.

Obviously mayhem ensued. A couple of things bother us about a water balloon fight at a football practice: (1.) Isn’t it a reward to get hit with a water balloon when you’re a big, fat offensive lineman? (2.) They’re wearing pads. (3.) The coach expects some loser equipment intern to pick up the debris.

Some facts about Emporia State: