Who Is Old Bro Rocking Donovan McNabb Redskins Jersey On Antiques Roadshow?

I want this guy’s MySpace account and I wanted it 20 minutes ago. You don’t go on Antiques Roadshow rocking a Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey, jorts, pulled up white socks and K-Mart kicks and get away with it. Are those velcros? Don’t even tell me those are velcros. I’ll smack your ass back to 1983 if those are velcros.

How much you think that vase is worth?

Answer: $5k

@SuperFanHD was up late last night/this morning:

Whats worse: a guy wearing jorts & a Donovan McNabb jersey or me watching The Antique Roadshow @ 145am? Value $5000 fyi

Do you know Redskins Vase Collector Superfan? Drop us a note with a name. Let’s congratulate this f-ing hipster. Do you have this episode on DVR? Do you know what city this was shot in? Send intel.


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