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Paulina Gretzky & L.A. Kings’ Boyfriend Jarrett Stoll Hit The Zoo [PHOTOS]

We’ve been all over the Paulina GretzkyJarrett Stoll love story for over a month now. Back in June these two love birds were partying up in Canada after the Kings Stanley Cup run. Since then, the trail had gotten a bit cold. Sure, Paulina was tweeting all over the place, but not a mention of Stoll…until now! The couple hit the zoo with Paulina’s little bro and sent out a few pics of their steamy date.

Paulina was looking like a little minx in that sundress, a welcome change from the usual slutty attire. Wait…what are we talking about? The only thing more frustrating than her outfit is the fact that she’s getting more action from the giraffe than she is from Stoll.

[@PaulinaGretzky] [Paulina Gretzky Instagram]

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