Oregon Cheerleader Bridget Case Is Next Erin Andrews? [61 PHOTOS]


Here’s an Oregon cheerleader you need to know in 2012: Bridget Case. A Ducks cheerleader in the class of 2014, Case steps up in the long tradition of UO ladies with aspirations of becoming the next Erin Andrews (Stephanie Essin; Katelyn Johnson; Amanda Pflugrad) . Case is a sports journalism major, which means sideline reporting.

Oregon just keeps delivering hot chicks to keep Brent Musburger entertained.

The Facts:

  • University of Oregon, class of 2014
  • Born and raised in Southern California
  • Los Angeles Angels fan
  • Only 283 Twitter followers at time of publish
  • Seems to really enjoy hiking
  • Fell victim to the “Call Me Maybe” phenomenon

Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox:

Seeing as she is only going into her junior year at Oregon, don’t expect to see this one on the sidelines anytime soon. We’ll give her a few years as a struggling aspiring journalist before she makes the big leagues. Don’t be shocked if you see Bridget scouring the sidelines for the Big 10 Network in or around 2016.

Expert Analysis:

If this girl gets a job in sports journalism you can bet it will be in front of a camera. For proof, check out these 61 photos from Bridget’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


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