The Master-Gator Greatest Football Tailgating Vehicles Of 2012

BC loyalists know our appreciation of great tailgating scenes and vehicles. From school buses to converted vans, we respect the craft when it comes to constructing a one-of-a-kind tailgating vehicle. The latest on the long list of greats: “The Master Gator”. This may be no more than a school bus painted in orange and blue, but as they say…it’s all in the name!

That’s right people, the Master-Gator has a built in porch off the back of the bus! If any of you guys are in Gainesville this Fall and you spot this beauty, snap a few party pics and send them our way.

Also making an appearance on our tailgate post today are the bros from Rutgers. Never doubt a crew of Jersey bros and chicks when it comes to throwing a party. Check out their customized NJ beer pong table…made out of bottle caps. NJ always bro-ing it to the max.

Bash on Rutgers and the Big East all you want, but you can’t ignore the time and hard-work these RU frat bros put into this table. Check out this party video and tell us you won’t be at least tempted to check out an RU game at least once.

If you have a tailgating ride that needs added to this list, email us a photo.