Roger Clemens To Start For Sugar Land Skeeters On Human Fireball Night!

We’ve been trying to tell the Internet this summer that Roger Clemens couldn’t pull himself away from baseball. There has barely been a weekend when The Rocket hasn’t been at a baseball park watching his son play. Now comes word that Roger will be starting this Saturday for the indy league Sugar Land Skeeters. Oh, did we mention it’s Human Fireball Night at the Skeeters park?

You can get a ticket and a two-hour all-you-can-eat buffet for $37.50.

And here Human Fireball Guy figured getting lit on fire would be the highlight of the night on Saturday.

It seems Human Fireball, Ted Batchelor, does a routine at the end of games where he runs the bases while fire engulfs his fire suit.

Wait until your kids hear you’re taking them to see some guy named Rocket and the Human Fireball. Helluva family night coming up this weekend.

According to Fox 26 in Houston:

Sugar Land Skeeters president Matt O’Brien and Roger Clemens’ agent Randy Hendricks told FOX 26 Sports that Clemens worked out for the Skeeters today and will sign with the team.

Hendricks and O’Brien told FOX Clemens will start for the Skeeters this Saturday in Sugar Land.

Astros bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte, who is a close friend of Clemens, caught Clemens’ workout for the Skeeters.

“He’s in such great shape it’s ridiculous,” Bracamonte said. “He’s the same guy he was before.

“He is nasty. His split is good. He still has life. He was throwing in the high 80s.”

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