Maria Sharapova ‘Sugarpova’ Press Event Was Giant Fiasco [27 PHOTOS]

Today was supposed to be a big day at BC headquarters. A few weeks back we got an email saying that Maria Sharapova was releasing her own candy line, Sugarpova, and was hosting a launch event in Manhattan. BC got the big invite and was told an interview with Sharapova would be in our future. We trekked up to 5th Avenue for the big event and what were we greeted by? Hoards of tourists and autograph hounds!

So much for our one-on-one interview. We rolled in a few minutes early and already knew chances were slim we would get to talk with Maria. Then Mario Lopez showed up and we knew we were toast. Couple that with angry security and hundreds of screaming tourists and the event was almost a complete failure.

Want to see how close we got to Sharapova? Take a look at this nonsense.

Facts on the Sugarpova candy line:

  • $5 per pack…about 20 pieces of candy!
  • Nutrition info on “Flirty Sour”: 120 calories and 21 grams of sugar per serving (5 pieces!)
  • Candy names: Chic, splashy, flirty, sporty, silly, quirky, cheeky and more

The day would’ve been a total loss had we not received two complimentary pieces of sour candy. Check out our photos from the event and some photos taken by press who was actually granted their promised access.