Jim Kelly Gets Revenge On Mark Rypien, Touches Lingerie Daughter! [PHOTOS]

There was some sort of football fan experience in Atlantic City over the weekend and Angela Rypien (@Angela_Rypien) was there in her lingerie. Rypien, now based in the Baltimore region, was there to represent the Lingerie Football League and take photos with whomever. One thing led to another and there she was with Jim Kelly’s Hall of Fame hand on her bare back.

Is this the ultimate revenge for losing Super Bowl QBs? Having the winner’s daughter on your arm?

You might remember back to Super Bowl XXVI. Mark Rypien led the NFL’s highest scoring offense with 485 points; Kelly’s Buffalo offense was 2nd with 458. Of course the Bills lost XXVI, 37-24, with Rypien dropping two TD passes and 292 yards. Kelly ended the day with 4 INTs.

Flash-forward to this weekend. Kelly takes his left hand, wraps it around Angela Rypien and pulls her tight to his chest.

Great meeting @jimkellyinc today, had fun chatting about @chadkelly12 ;)

Jim Kelly’s revenge 20 years later.

*Angela had the decency to put on a coat when Mike Vick touched her.