Would Mark Cuban Actually Wear Jorts To Disneyland? [BC i-Team]


Danny Hermosillo, who goes by @jdannyh5, says he met and shook Mark Cuban’s hand last week at Disneyland. Danny is a Dodgers fan, sports exactly 100 followers and seems to be a nice guy. That’s not the story here. The i-Team has its sights set on the photo Danny uploaded of Cuban enjoying his day at the park. Mark and the family. A stroll. In those shorts.

Wait! What? Jorts?

Impossible, right?

Backstory tweets from Hermosillo:

I am walking right behind mark Cuban at Disneyland! #sick!

Just shook mark Cuban’s hand at Disneyland! #awesome

@mcuban Thanks for the handshake outside of splash mountain at Disneyland! Coolest NBA team owner ever!

Great story, bro, but could you please elaborate whether, in the photo you uploaded, Cuban is rocking a pair of dark denim jorts.

Those really look like jorts, but wouldn’t that be the most un-Mark Cuban moment on the Mark Cuban resume. Sure, there have been multiple d-bag moments that’ll embarrass his kids one of these days.

But, jorts? Is this even possible?

Did you see Mark Cuban at Disneyland? Can you confirm or refute that Cuban’s shorts weren’t jorts? Help us solve this mystery.


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