Hottest Cheerleaders & Superfans Of New York Preseason Football

Even though it’s a preseason game, tonight is huge for the Jets. Can Tebow throw a spiral? Will Rex show any wildcat formations? Will Sanchez throw a pick? Here’s what we’re hoping for: 4 TDs, a rushing TD and Tebow saves a little Giants girl from being beat up by Fireman Ed. Now that would be a helluva preseason game.

Of course Skinny Rex isn’t going to show the wildcat. So why watch?

Because Tebow will be Tebow and the Giants get to hit Tim Tebow. Don’t think that’s a big deal? Steve Serby of the NY Post wrote about this scenario in today’s paper.

Sometime soon after the young man wearing green-and-white No. 15 trots out to the Jets huddle tonight, and electricity crackles inside Tebow Life Stadium on the night the Ringless Bros. and Ryan & Tebow Circus makes its New York debut, he will drop back to pass and hold the ball in his left hand because no one is open, and feel the pocket closing quickly around him, feel the hot breath of rabid Giants pass rushers not named JPP, Osi or Tuck if he is lucky, and transform into this crazed, wild-eyed, 250-pound raging bull.

Would a non-roster invitee trying to make a name for himself take a shot at Tebow’s head? If you weren’t going to make the Giants roster, would you at least go out with a cheap shot? Don’t think it doesn’t cross a guy’s mind.

That said, we’ll be watching.