Ultimate Alabama Football Wedding Includes Big Al Mascot! [VIDEO]


I’m from Ohio. Besides four years in Pennsylvania, I’ve spent my entire life in Ohio. Fans love their football in Ohio. You’re born going to Friday night games, spending your Saturday around Ohio State football and then on Sundays you either cheer for an Ohio team or Pittsburgh. It’s a way of life. But it’s nothing compared to the absolute insanity in the blood of Alabama fans.

Take this wedding video that includes the lady running the wedding (justice of the peace?) wearing a ref shirt.

Watch the 3:20 mark. Someone tell us this is for a commercial. Tell me this is a spoof from Auburn fans. Tell us this is all just a bad dream.

There have obviously been Alabama football weddings that are classy, but nothing nearly as redneck as this – to our knowledge. By the way, it costs $400 to hire Big Al to work a wedding.

Did you have an Alabama themed wedding? Do you have something crazy Alabama to show us? Anything at all? Please, let us see how crazy you are.


[Thanks to @NickLough]

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