The $500 Bevo Texas Longhorns Back Tattoo [PHOTO]

We warned you guys that the Alabama Back Tattoo was starting a wild wave of emails from men showing us their college football tattoos. Here’s Derek S. and he caught wind of Bama fan getting attention from pretty much every media outlet in the United States. “The Bama fan overpaid for his tattoo. I got my back done for $500. I guess longhorns are smarter :-),” Derek writes.

Obviously those are sports tat fighting words.

Of course Derek didn’t get nearly the detail in his Bevo as Bama fan did with his Big Al elephant cruising through the crimson tide. But, it’s still impressive and Texan. The hair adds value, too.

Details From Derek’s Bevo Tat:

• 3 sessions

• 7 1/2 hours of tatting time

• His favorite UT football moment? “Texas USC all time favorite game by far!!!!”

• Texas football F, Marry Kill game answers

“F Rachel McCoy, marry Bevo, and kill poor Matthew’s (Mcconnaughey) wife. (I could never kill Bevo)”

Have a sports tat we need to see, especially college football tats? Are you a guy with a college football tramp stamp? Impress us.