Michael Strahan Selling Beach House w/ OPEN FLOOR PLAN! $1.85M [PHOTOS]

Fox football analyst Michael Strahan and his fiance Nicole Murphy have spent the last year selling houses in California because they’re getting married. There was the $7M Brentwood pad and now it’s time to sell Michael’s Hermosa Beach bachelor flop house within walking distance of the Pacific. What’s special about this $1.85M residence? Not much. It’s bright, airy and has an open floor plan.

Otherwise, it’s just a place for dudes to drink & watch sports.

According to sales records, Strahan paid $2,050,000 in 2005. Yes, math majors, he’s going to take a loss.

Highlights of Strahan’s Beach Pad:

• 3 bed, 4 bath

• 2560 sq. ft.

• Fireplace in the master bedroom

1.3 miles to Whole Foods

9.8 miles to the Jet Strip

Asking Price: $1,850,000

Mortgage: $5,600 before your taxes, housekeeping, etc.

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